Russard Precision Machine is a precision machining manufacturer of complex machine parts and components for the medical/surgical, biotech, robotics, defense, construction, semiconductor and marine markets.


At Russard Precision Machine, our goal is on-time shipment for all orders.

We are excellent listeners that understand your product requirements, build to your exact engineering specifications, follow our rigorous ISO 9001-compliant quality assurance procedures, and ship within your desired lead time.

Russard Precision Machine operates in Rockland, MA. This second generation machine shop is committed to their customers’ scheduling and delivery needs.

Customer Testimonial:

For going on 20 years, Russard Precision Machine has been an invaluable source for my subcontract machining requirements. I have always counted on them to deliver top quality work at a fair price and on-time. They have always been willing to put in whatever time is necessary to deliver my orders on a timely basis.”

—Vincent Malatesta, Materials Manager, Autocam

Medical/Sager Precision Technologies


When you work with Russard Precision Machine, you can expect proactive communication and first-class results. We offer Just-In-Time (JIT) and Kanban delivery programs to reduce your inventory carrying expenses, and we run multiple shifts with a team trained to make quick precision machine and CNC milling product turns.


At Russard Precision Machine, our experienced manufacturing team takes pride in the products we produce. No matter what your request, you can be assured that our team has repeated the process thousands of times for our customers. We have experience in the machining of all types of materials – including plastics, steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel – all performed in-house at our Rockland, MA precision machine manufacturing facility.


Our core capabilities include precise CNC machining; both milling and turning, delivered 100% on time to your exact engineering specifications – using innovative manufacturing methods in a low-cost manufacturing setting to produce both large and small quantities economically.

We’ve served customers across the United States and internationally since 1956 – and we answer the phone when you call. Contact us when you need a prototype, experimental or production precision products that are vital to your company’s success.

About Russard Precision Machine

Russard Precision Machine is a second-generation woman-owned precision product manufacturer based in Rockland, MA. We have been assisting manufacturers and assemblers with precisely manufactured parts built to exact engineering plans for over 60+ years.


Our company is committed to “Precision Delivered On-Time”: our mission is to deliver our clients’ products 100% on-time, with quality. When you call us, we will answer the phone—and we will work to exceed your expectations at every stage of your project.