Russard Precision Machine – Rapid Prototypes – Boston

100% Defect-Free Machined Parts Delivered on Time

Russard Precision Machined Products operates in Rockland, MA. We are second generation machine shop that is committed to our customers’ scheduling and delivery needs.

Our employees are the key of our Success

Our employees are the key to our success. We have maintained the entire staff and we have team members who have been with us 20-30-44 years. We have very loyal employees and we treat them with the respect they deserve. They are each their own boss. We don’t micromanage them and they stay on for years. A testament of this is the company’s longtime shop foreman who travels out of state, twice a week, 250 miles each way to Russard Precision Machine.

The company prefers to promote from within and does so whenever possible. When it comes to bringing new guys on board, they have had great success and work closely with the South Shore Regional Vocational Technical High School. The company currently has 18 employees and they make Russard Precision Machine a busy place.

Expertise in Precision Machining

The company is a machine shop in the truest sense of the term and can make just about anything in any quantity, from prototype and short runs to production quantities of 500-1000 pieces and more.

Russard Precision Machine works with all types of materials from plastics and aluminum all the way to exotic alloys that are a challenge to work with. Our customers range from semiconductor to government, medical, general industrial, marine, defense, aerospace and colleges and universities throughout the United States. We can help with reverse engineering services and they are up to date with the latest in CAD/CAM and design capabilities with MASTERCAM/ AutoCAD and Winmax conversational controls from Hurco.

Russard Precision Machine has been running at least two shifts for 15 years. We are typically open 20 hours a day 5-6 days a week and often pull overnighters. Sometimes we are open around the clock. It depends on the delivery schedule of the customer. You can call us at 5 a.m. or 9 p.m. and chances are pretty good someone -probably Steve or Sean – will answer the phone. A healthy work ethic, experienced employees and loyal customers are the key to Russard’s success.

Never late with deliveries

Russard Precision Machine is never late with their deliveries. This is what sets us apart. If we have to stay open all night, or all weekend, the work gets done and the products get shipped. And we are so focused on quality control that if a part isn’t right, it does not get out the door. It’s not that we won’t make a mistake once in a while – it just won’t get shipped.

Another key part of our success is our choice of machine tools – Hurco – and their local dealer, Brooks Associates of Norwell, MA. Russard Precision Machine has been with Brooks since 1992 and has purchased 16 Hurco machines over the years. We are currently the largest Hurco user in New England with 10 CNC milling machines on the floor.

Our relationship with Brooks and Hurco goes back a long way,” says Steve. “We rarely have any issues with our Hurcos. We work them hard and we take care of them. If there is an issue, Brooks sends someone right out to address our needs and we are up and running in no time.

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