When you think of Russard Precision Machine, expect
“Precision Delivered On-Time”

Precision Machine Parts since 1956

Quality Prototyping of Precision Machine Parts

Russard Precision Machine specializes in rapid prototyping, fast-turn, high production and short runs of parts and assemblies. We assist our clients from concept design, engineering to production.

100% product quality for all orders

We have experience machining plastics, steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel – all performed in-house at our Rockland, MA precision machine shop. Our team is talented and takes eminence pride in the quality of our work. Russard Precision Machine runs multiple shifts with a team trained to make quick precision machine and CNC milling product turns.

Precision Delivered On-Time

For over 50 years, we have manufactured prototypes for various industries; Semiconductor, Biotechnology Companies, Defense Contractors, Construction Companies, Assemblers, Medical/Surgical Device Manufacturers, Robotics, Marine and Boat Builders and Aerospace.

What our Customers have to say:

“When delivery is critical, I know I can count on Russard Precision Machine to be on time,
every time, with parts that meet our design specifications.”

—Marian Hynes, Operations Manager, OceanServer Technology, Inc.

“For going on 20 years Russard Precision Machine Inc. has been an invaluable source for my subcontract machining requirements. I have always counted on them to deliver top quality work at a fair price and on-time. They have always been willing to put in whatever time is necessary to deliver my orders on a timely basis.”

—Vincent Malatesta, Materials Manager – Autocam Medical/Sager Precision Technologies